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Updating or changing the password is not the fun part of your digital life, but strengthening your security online should be a priority. Don’t know where to start? For many individuals, there may mean more How to change Gmail password of their accounts. If this is your first time updating your account password in Gmail, don’t fret at all: with the guide, you will be able to change it in no time at all.

Guide to Update or Change Your Gmail Account Password

· Go to the Sign in page of the Google. As all the services along with the Gmail belong to Google.

· If prompted, login with the current password.

· Open your security settings by selecting on the “Security” tab.

· Scroll down until you get the section labeled Signing in to Google.

·  Under the section – Password, select on the “Password” and when prompted, put in your password again to confirm your identity. You will then be asked to provide a new password

Note: Make sure the password should be complicated, with a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. If you are worried over you can forget your completed password, later you can use a password manger to retrieve it.

·Once you have confirmed the password, select “Change Password” button to complete the process.

Hope this guide helps you in some way. However, if you want more assistance, for example, regarding Gmail crash problem in Google Chrome, feel free to connect with our certified technical team.

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