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If, on the one hand, the desire to say goodbye and forget about the challenging year that 2020 has given us is enormous, on the other hand, there were many opportunities and trends that emerged.


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Business readjusted. Models and strategic plans were reinvented. A new way of thinking about all business activity and its trajectory emerged. 2021 has arrived with new trends and opportunities that, when handled correctly, can take the business to a new level.


What trends for 2021 are emerging?


Remote Work


When professionals were forced to work from home, at a distance and confined, in a new reality with unimaginable rules, organizations had to quickly readjust processes and operational models. The remote work, which was no longer a novelty, has become imperative. This digitization of business models has turned into productivity increases for some companies and promises to be one of the biggest trends for the future.


From global to local


2020 presented a wide range of reasons why it is essential to start thinking in a local and not a global logic. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 disrupted international supply chains and companies began to rethink their suppliers. The local market started to gain momentum, it is becoming more attractive and is growing every day - either by customization, by proximity or p security it provides.


Low Touch Economy


2020 was marked by the first social confinement that triggered a drastic change in habits and routines that, until then, were rooted and mechanized and disappeared completely. Today, we are witnessing a paradigm of experiences based on the concept of Low Touch Economy. This term refers to how companies around the world were forced to shape the way they operate to fight the pandemic: adopting a policy of little interaction. Who, after being used to shopping online comfortably and at any time, will want to go back to doing everything as before the pandemic? Our economy has turned into Low Touch Economy and this will be the new and continuing normal: adapting to new habits based on reduced physical interactions.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)


They were no longer new, but Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality grew significantly in 2020 and represent one of the biggest trends for 2021. These immersive technologies are already part of everyday life, from entertainment to business. The arrival of COVID-19 has led to an increased adoption of this technology associated with the remote working model. Avatars, remote assistance, virtual events or facial expression recognition are some of the applicability of this immersive technology that is driving an incredible transformation in all sectors.




Another of the big trends for 2021 in business will be automation. Companies are already analyzing their business processes to identify tasks where human resources do not add value. And there have already been some shifts in that direction in warehouse operations, supply chains, autonomous cars or even catboats that automatically take over customer service.




Today, with consumption just a single click away, online shopping   responds to the demand of the new era of consumers. Online shopping is already a trend and studies point to record growth in the near future. And to ensure efficient management of online business, it is essential that companies understand and respond to the demands of consumers in the digital age.


Innovation or business preadaptation?


The big question that often arises is whether we are really living in front of a scenario of major technological innovations or adapting to new habits. The truth is that the pandemic brought drastic changes, not only to consumption habits, but to the way of living, living and working. Basically, these trends for 2021 are nothing new: telecommuting already existed; local commerce gained a new dimension, just as immersive technologies gained new life; sustainability is now playing an increasingly relevant role and e-commerce – which already existed – is the new business paradigm.


In this structurally different scenario, companies and managers have to readjust to take full advantage of the opportunities and trends for 2021. And it's no secret that technology takes the lead. From e-commerce to telecommuting, finding the best solution for every business is essential.


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