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Classroom Management

How to use the Traffic Lights as Classroom Management Tools

Teachers, are you frustrated in trying to get students to stay focus and engaged?

 Well, there is a secure, reliable classroom management strategy that is effective in creating a thriving learning environment without disruption and distraction.

Use Signs to give instruction

 Using signs is an easy way to get the attention of children. Teachers can use any word or signs to grab student’s attention during class.  Teachers must ensure that the students are sensitized about the symbols and their meanings. Practice with the student and explain when you notice they might need some re-focus, you will show them the sign.


This nonverbal communication method is easy to do and is effective. Also, it gets the message across quickly and quietly and helps children to identify when they are too loud, disruptive, or off task.  It creates a good working relationship with students without calling attention to the student in a negative manner.

Keep sign close at hand and display when students, when a student is losing attention and focus during times of instruction or independent work this will alert them.


Traffic Lights

Use this sign when students are not following classroom rules.



 Use this sign as a form of redirection from misbehavior, talking, off-task behaviors.

Use this sign to encourage students and praise them for correct behavior and participation.



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