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Are you unable to log into your sbcglobal email account on the samsung galaxy phone? while, it is working fine on other android phone? well, this kind of issues are quite normal for these days, you can solve them by using some basic tricks.

Generally, people get the account access issue due to the technical faults into the mail server or account issue. Which can be easily get fixed by using some basic steps.

Check the user account- first of all, you should check the email servers. probably, there is something wrong with the username or password. that’s why you can’t access the email on the phone. so, you should check the user details, and update the password if necessary.

If you can’t memorise the correct password for the email, please create a new passcode and update it on your phone.

Check imap servers- very often, user faces the login issues on their email due to the imap or pop server issues. Probably, there account is unable to load the correct account details, that’s why you need to delete the email account from the server and configure it using the details given below. port no: 993 Authentication type – Yes.

Update the mail app- Some users may get the sign in issues due to the mail app issue. so you should update the mail app properly and then reconfigure your account. to update the mail app, you can go to the play store and follow the process to update the mail app.

Re-add the account- After changing all these settings if sbcglobal mail is still not working, you may reset the email account on the phone and configure it again using the correct server and account details.

So these are the techniques to fix the sbcglobal email not working on the samsung phone. if you have any other issues. Please let us know; I will assist you with that.


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