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In today’s era, there are lots of programming languages used all around the world. Every day a new addition is made in the world of computer programming. Newly launched languages such as Scala, Go, Kotlin, and much more, are earning fame but we cannot forget the immense contribution of old languages such as Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc. These languages are pioneers of computer science engineering. This sector has evolved a lot by every passing year. Criticism, discussion, and innovation have improved this sector, but even after holding mastery in these languages, learners don't know much about creators behind this advanced science. So, professional programming assignment help providers have picked out some best programming languages that are being learnt all around the globe and are giving information related to their developers.

Let’s Know Who Invented These Famous Computer Programming Languages!

‘C’ Developed By Dennis Ritchie

Between the year 1967 and 1973 an American scientist, Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie created today's widely-used programming language C, at AT&T Bell Labs. This language has won hearts of programmers till now because it's best for system programming. C was invented even before Java and still has a strong grip in the market. The maker of this language also invented the world's famous operating system UNIX.

‘Java’ Developed By James Gosling

Highly used programming language 'Java', was developed by Sun Microsystems and is now owned by Oracle. Doctor James Arthur Gosling was the inventor of this successful computer language. Arthur is also called the father of the Java programming language. It is a versatile and high-level programming language that is involved in almost every device that we use today.

‘Python’ Developed By Guido van Rossum

Guido van Rossum of CWI developed the general-purpose and high-level programming language called Python. The syntax of this language is highly expressive and clear. Nowadays, learners prefer to have more knowledge about Python instead of Java or C programming language. This is because it is easy to learn and understand and is also widely used in web development. World's famous brands like Yahoo, Spotify, Google, use the Python programming language.

'C++' Developed By Bjarne Stroustrup

Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup developed the highly popular programming language C++. This language is a step ahead or we can say a developed version of C programming language. Because of the object-oriented feature and close proximity to the latest system, C++ is widely used in the high-frequency trading world.

‘Perl’ Developed By Larry Wall

In the mid-1890s, Larry wall developed a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose, and a dynamic computer programming language called Perl. Because of the outstanding text processing capability this programming language earned fame around the globe. The world-famous internet companies such as Priceline, IMDB, and Amazon extensively used this programming language for conducting their works.

These are just a few names from the long list of programming languages used around the world. Scholars who need to know more about these languages can take online programming assignment help in Australia from professional programming experts.

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