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After a long hard battle against the new version of Denuvo, Codex has finally cracked the Epic Games version of Borderlands 3 for pc.

So today, we present to you, a fully working Borderlands 3 crack.

How to download the Borderlands 3 crack

To download the crack, simply click on the link below:


Once the download has finished, simply unzip the file and run the setup file.

About Borderlands 3

Borderlands is a dream for shooter fans and especially for friends of well-groomed looting and leveling. After Borderlands (2009) and Borderlands 2 (2012), Borderlands 3 will finally go on sale, on 13.09.2019.

  • Release date: 13.09.19

  • Genre: Shooter

  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Scenario: In Borderlands 3, the fanatical Calypso twins try to unite the bandit clans and seize the ultimate power of the universe. Only the Chamber Hunters can thwart this plan, as a member of this team, you can now take up the fight. There are masses of loot waiting for you and hundreds of new weapons to help you warm up the unscrupulous cult leaders.

  • Features: The new Borderlands worlds have plenty of variety to offer, such as inhospitable deserts, deadly swamps, and war-ravaged cities. Everywhere there is a lot to explore and treasures to discover. Your Chamber Hunter Troop consists of four deadly fighters, with the deadly abilities and many customization possibilities. "Moze" is the shooter of the team, who can send her powerful mech "Iron Bear" into battle if necessary."Amara" is the team's "siren," a nasty melee fighter whose ethereal fists can cause proper destruction, combined with her deadly siren powers. "FL4K" the Beast Master lives for hunting, together with his faithful beasts he is the nightmare of many bandits, who often become his prey. "Zane" the agent, causes confusion with his war toy in battle, he strikes lightning-fast and causes chaos. In Borderlands 3, you can play with someone online at any time or on a split-screen, regardless of mission progress or your character's development level. Eliminate enemies with your friends and master challenges that include numerous rewards.

  • Developers: GearBox Software

  • Publisher: 2K Games

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