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In order for this mission to go more smoothly, you will need some partners. There will be a total of six groups of four. Your task is to increase your knowledge of the stages of the Water Cycle through the use of the websites provided for you .

  1. Once into your assigned groups, each group member will draw from a cup of sticks labeled 1-4 to represent each of the stages in the plan laid out by the Water Cycle. The stage that you pick is the stage that you have to explain in a single slide on PowerPoint.

  2. Once each member has their task for the mission completed, the group assignment will be based on all of the slides in the individual tasks coming together to make one group PowerPoint

  • You will each study this information to be able to help Agent S understand the stages of the Water Cycle’s plan

Here are your partners:

Group One:

  • Kaylee

  • Travis

  • David

  • Hope

Group Two:

  • Trevor

  • Jason

  • Kirsten

  • Madison

Group Three:

  • Taylor

  • Peyton

  • Riley

  • Seth

Group Four:

  • Sarah

  • Robert

  • William

  • Harrison

Group Five:

  • Gage

  • Sadie

  • Destiny

  • Rachel

Group Six:

  • Hunter

  • Cameron

  • Logan

  • Jessica

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