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Recently, we came across a product that is a combination of two popular favorites; Kratom and CBD.

Did you get the product we are talking about? It is the fantastic CBD Infused Kratom Powder and

Capsules by Krave Botanicals. The vendor has recently expanded its product catalog to include some

exquisite and exciting strains. CBD Infused Kratom is one of them, and in a short time, it has gained

immense popularity. The product is impressive; however, we realized many Kratom and CBD-lovers

got curious and wishing to know more about the making of the product.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is very famous among the people around the whole world for its pleasing effects. You

will probably recognize it by its short name; CBD. If you are not aware of what CBD is, it is a

cannabinoid found in certain plants like Hemp and Cannabis. Another name of the Cannabis plant is

Marijuana. There are more than hundred Cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinol

(CBN) present in those plants. It is mainly extracted from the flowers. CBD is mostly derived from

the hemp plants. As compared to Cannabis plants, Hemp is richer in CBD compounds. Everyone

loves CBD so much that nowadays manufacturers are mixing it with different kinds of products to

make them comforting and enjoyable.

What Is Kratom?

We have shared so much about it, that now you must have memorized it. However, we will still brush

it up a little. Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a herb prepared from the leaves of Kratom plants that

belong to the jungles of certain tropical countries of Southeast Asia. There are several variants of

Kratom which are often named after its origin and color of the leaf veins. For example, there is Malay

Kratom from Malaysia, Thai Kratom from Thailand, Indo from Indonesia. The natives are acquainted

with it for several centuries. The western half of the world learned about it only a few decades back.

Presently, it is as popular as CBD around the globe.

How Is CBD Infused in Kratom?

Firstly, the base component of the product is prepared, which is Kratom powder. For this, the field

team manually picks every good leaf but according to the strain, then sends the lot to the factory.

There the leaves are rechecked to remove any dried or rotten leaves and stems. Then, they are washed

with warm water. After this, the leaves are dried until they are crunchy enough for the grinding

process. They are powdered into a fine dust. It is filtered via a dense mesh to ensure it has a smooth


Krave Botanicals extracts pure CBD compounds from Hemp plants. The vendor has a dedicated

research team who formulated a ratio to bring you an ultimate blend of CBD and Kratom. The goal of

this blend is to bring out the best of both without overpowering the other’s effect. The pure CBD

extracted is them mixed into the powder as per the exclusive in-house recipe. Finally, CBD Infused

Kratom is ready. It is either encapsulated or directly packed as powder.

Whether it is Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom Powder or Capsules, you are going to love it for

sure. Hurry up, visit www.kravekratom.com to place your order now!

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