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When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, you want to do everything you can to protect them. Along with the rise of the smart home and automated security, keyless home entry systems have become one of the first lines of defence for savvy homeowners. If you're thinking of adding a keypad door entry lock to your home, then you are on the best path to take when it comes to making your home more secure. It is because this type of lock can offer you a lot of benefits. That's why you need to read below. Here are the things you can expect from a door access control keypad.

Changeable entry codes

A keypad door entry will allow you to change the pin whenever you want to. When people feel that their current number combinations have been divulged to unauthorised individuals, they can always change the codes anytime. In addition, if the current owners of the house decide to sell the property or have the house rented to others, they can always just let the new people living there know about the access codes to the locks. There is no need to change locks at all.

Difficult to duplicate

You can have peace of mind with a door access keypad because you know that's it's hard to duplicate. Unlike standard lock keys, the controls of these door locks are much more challenging to duplicate. There are currently no duplicating devices that can replicate these types of locks. If a keypad door lock has to be repeated, only the manufacturer can make an exact copy.

Wide options on types

This type of lock can offer you various options. People can always choose a specific form or design that best suits their needs and daily lifestyle.


A door access keypad can last for a long time because it is durable. You can still depend on it, even if you are frequently away from home. Because of the many advantages it offers, it is now commonly used by a large number of people. If this does not appeal to you, you can choose from various other keyless door lock systems that can offer maximum security to your home when you are away.

Convenience of a keyless system

A door access control keypad is convenient because you don't need to carry keys around. They work just like an ATM, where you need to punch in your secret code combination to lock or unlock the doors. One no longer needs to worry about misplacing their keys since the homeowner can share the security code with many people.

Enhanced home security

If you have a door access control keypad, there won't be any unauthorised break-ins in your house. Furthermore, one need not be concerned about their keys falling into the wrong hands. Anyone wanting to access your home will need to know the security code if you have a keypad lock.

Time scheduled locks

With this type of lock, you will have the option to have it opened or unlocked at specific times. This function allows you to be safe in knowing that you control who and when entry and exits are available. Many businesses have restrictions they may need to put in place, and homeowners can have peace of mind that doors cannot be opened once the household is asleep at night.

Opens all doors

When a technician fails to bring a front door key on a truck roll, the travel time and cost double. He/she will spend more time and resources to get the key.  The same thing can happen if the tech picks up the wrong key, as large organisations would have hundreds of keys that look identical. With electronic access, you can use a single key or building access code to lock and unlock any door lock you need to access, eliminating the possibility of losing the key for a specific door. If you arrive at a location where you need access and are not recognised by the system, a network operator may immediately add you or your supervisor to the list.

Mentioned are the things you can expect from having a keypad door entry lock in your home. One of the most significant benefits of this form of lock is eliminating the need to search through an overstuffed purse or pocket for your house key. If you've misplaced your keys, the best course of action is to replace the lock. The cost and time involved can be inconvenient for a busy homeowner, mainly if the family member who is losing the key, such as an infant, adolescent, or senior, is prone to misplacing keys. That's why you need to opt for a keypad door entry lock and have the things above.

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