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Capturing good properties is the first challenge for a successful broker and it can be said that it is not possible to sell well without capturing well. If you don't have anything to sell or you're sharing the real estate raised with several brokers, you can be sure, it's going to be a lot harder to buy that new car. Finding good properties to sell is always hard work and can be even more difficult for those who are starting their careers or who do not have a fundraising channel that guarantees them access to good opportunities.

And what is the difference between capturing well and capturing badly? In this context, “good” does not necessarily mean quantity, but above all, quality. Like this? You must be asking. Let's look at some cases where you might think you got “bad”.

The most common of them is the one where the owner, believing he will speed up the sale of his property, hands over the sale to a dozen people. Self-employed brokers, real estate and even the doorman of the building or condominium. This approach causes a number of inconveniences. Inaccurate or contradictory information, fear of revealing complete property data in advertisements, unfair dispute between brokers, little willingness of each of the mandated to dedicate the sale and so on. Well, the first tip is: sell yourself well, generate trust in the owner and win exclusivity for the sale. Then work hard to do justice to the trust you have received.


Another easy figurine is the rolled up property. It seems unlikely, but the number of properties advertised for sale by experienced professionals or renamed real estate agents with various legal issues is daunting. There is nothing more frustrating than spending months on a sale and at the “H” moment discovering that the property cannot be sold. So, it seems basic, but it doesn't hurt to remember: make sure that the captured property is all “right”, ok?

Well, in order not to spend all the subjects with just one post, let's talk about just one more case. Every broker has already caught that client who thinks his property is worth a good deal, right? The problem is when this good money is much more than any buyer, even an unwary one, would be willing to pay. If you accept the deal under these conditions, you won't see a very happy ending: dissatisfied owner, property locked in your wallet and so on. The good professional must carefully evaluate the property and, if it is not possible to reach the right price with the owner, do not hesitate, pass the sale on. It will save your time and your reputation. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like blue world city Islamabad

And how to capture well and with good frequency? The first tip is: Dedicate yourself. According to the latest survey on this blog, answered by 750 brokers from all over Brazil, the best days to raise are Monday and Tuesday (40%) and to sell, Saturday and Sunday (70%). So hands-on. Set aside a few days from your work week and devote them religiously to fundraising. The result will appear fast.

Here's another good one: circulate! Look for properties for sale directly with the owner and convince them that the amount they pay you in commission is worth every penny. They are everywhere: classifieds, for sale signs, with doormen for buildings and condominiums. Go to them. Show off your work and ask for exclusivity for a period. Even if you don't get the sale, show your new customer a report of all the work you've done and an analysis of why the sale hasn't happened yet. He will understand that you do this much better than he can and confidence will grow.

This one should be obvious, but apparently it isn't: take good care of your customers! Anyone who bought a property from you today may want to sell it tomorrow. Whoever sold with you this year may want to buy or sell again in a year or two. If you've worked well and he hasn't forgotten your name, you'll be at the front of the line. Again, our research shows that 75% of brokers keep their clients' data, but only 15% of them make frequent contact with these same clients. Now what may shock you: making frequent contact with the customer base is a declared practice of 85% of brokers who earn more than R$12,000.00 per month. Do you want some help to connect the dots or do you already figure it out? So come on. When you receive the commission, don't disappear. Make sure your customer is satisfied and has had no problems. Call and write to him whenever you can. Birthdays and important dates are a good reason. If he becomes your friend or almost, so much the better.

Now the last and best of them. Everybody likes to sell new properties, don't they? Well that's what 67% of professionals who responded to our survey say. Correct and available documentation, easier assessment, ditto credit and other facilities that do not appear in used ones, right? Well, as there is no free lunch, the difficulty is having the opportunity to sell a launch or even an inventory unit of a project still under construction, isn't it? Well

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