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Embroidered shapewear of Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman women also used, or rather corset shaper to increase their curves. Innovation led to wear corsets on clothing. The forming studded and embroidered for a more attractive look. It was paired with a robe roman create a classy look ericathas.

Shapewear during the 16th century

16th century marked the beginning of a steel corset. It is designed to create a mechanism typical feminine figure. The body shaper kept flat the upper body and grabbed her waist. Lower body is fluffier with typical skirt called Farthingales. This era is called the era of Elizabethans for exceptional garments by qeeen Elizabeth.

Shapewear during the Victorian Era

Victorian era hour glass figure embodied popular with incredible body shaper called the girdle. It is designed with a whale bone, steel and other hard metals. They squeezed into a size noticeably smaller waist to create the shape of an hour glass. Be it any era, women have no sense of fashion consious.

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