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After a long, tiring, and exhausting process, you have finally completed the writing phase of your master's and doctoral thesis. But you still have your doubts. Is English grammatically perfect? Are there any problems in the academic content, methodology, or discussion section? Do you need professional thesis editing and proofreading services? What do these services include? If you are a master's or doctoral student whose native language is not English, rest assured that your texts will need editing and proofreading services. The importance of these services number of theses increases once more as there are masters or doctoral theses and buy essay writing online. Because the first draft of your thesis must have a perfect English text in all processes, from being deemed worthy of defense to the final defense and acceptance. For this reason, after you finish the writing phase of your thesis, you must make your thesis text perfect in English by making use of the thesis editing and proofreading service before sending it to your thesis advisor and jury members.

Reliable editing of your thesis requires expertise with skill and experience, such as perfecting style, clarity, formatting, flow, word choice, and readability, and clearing all English language and spelling errors. For this reason, English thesis editing services are a very useful tool that aims to correct grammatical errors in your thesis and increase its academic quality. Efficient thesis proofreading service ensures a flawless thesis and stress-free thesis defense.is one of its secrets. Especially the thesis editing services not only increase the readability of your text or eliminate grammatical errors, but also enable you to present your arguments in the thesis and detect and correct any inconsistencies. In this respect, when you receive a thesis editing and proofreading service provided by an expert and academically competent editor, we guarantee that you will receive more feedback, advice, and corrections from your thesis advisor.

Are you looking for someone to edit your English thesis? If you have decided to get a thesis editing service, examine the details below to see the details of which service you should get and the differences between these services.


What is a thesis editing service (spelling and content checking)?

Editing is an editing service provided by an experienced editor who is equipped with English grammar and has academic competence, and that makes English texts free of grammatical errors and academic content control. If you are wondering why you need a thesis editing service, let's tell you right now! Since master's and doctoral students are at the beginning of their academic life, they often do not have the necessary competence in how to use academic language and expressions correctly. Especially students whose mother tongue is not English have more difficulties in this regard. On the other hand, it is no secret that you can't get enough support from your thesis advisor and especially feedback on the corrections in your thesis text amid the daily busyness of academic life.

Therefore, after receiving the thesis editing service, the content of your thesis will be more consistent and more understandable. With the editing service, the wording in the text will be clear and the significant improvement in readability and academic content quality will encourage professors to appreciate the effort you put into your study.

The thesis editing service ensures correct spelling, consistent sentence structure, and perfect formatting throughout your thesis and makes your thesis ready for defense. English thesis editing service includes:

  • It is carried out on the first draft of academic content.

  • Checks for sentence structure errors.

  • It enables the use of more advanced academic vocabulary by improving language and vocabulary use.

  • Supervises the findings, discussion, conclusion, and analysis sections of the thesis and detects consistency problems, and makes necessary corrections.

  • It ensures the use of the jargon of the domain.

  • It allows to increase or decrease the number of general words in the thesis according to demand and need.

  • Identifies and fixes issues with clarity and readability of content.

  • It requires effective editor-author communication as it requires the intervention of the thesis author.

  • It helps to improve the academic approach of the content.

  • It requires knowledge of the subject of the content and academic competence.

  • It takes a long time and continues until the completion of the text.


What is a thesis proofreading service (spelling)?

The thesis proofreading service is less demanding than the thesis editing service in terms of correcting academic inconsistencies and errors in your article. Therefore, it is a relatively cheaper service compared to thesis editing service. However, if you are a graduate student or researcher whose native language is not English, it will still be of great benefit to you. It is one of the most effective ways to detect and fix spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all other English-related errors. Thesis proofreading service includes the following: 

  • It is carried out in the last stage of the thesis before it is published or defended.

  • It mostly aims to reduce surface problems such as grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistency.

  • It especially focuses on the correct use of punctuation marks and spelling errors.

  • It checks whether the use of synonyms is correct or not.

  • Controls the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • It checks whether proper names are written correctly.

  • It ensures that the thesis is ready for publication and defense in terms of English grammar.

  • It focuses only on grammatical errors. It does not interfere too much with the academic content.

  • It does not aim to decrease or increase the number of words.

  • It does not require the intervention of the thesis author and thus effective proofreader-author communication.

  • It is completed in a relatively short time compared to the thesis editing service.

  • It is cheaper than the thesis editing service and Resume Writing World.

Effective English editing and proofreading tips

1. Check which method is effective for editing and proofreading

While some researchers prefer to work on the computer, others believe that the control over the hard copy will be more effective. Therefore, decide which method you will prefer at the very beginning of the editing and proofreading phase of the thesis. If the correction will be done by a third party, obtain the digital or hardcopy version depending on which method he prefers. Although this preference may vary depending on the proofreader or editor, Best Edit & Proof's expert and experienced editors emphasize that the most effective check is the one made in Word environment and using the Track Changes Function, as the authors have the chance to keep track of all the corrections in the text.

 2. Create a quiet place where you can focus to work

Detecting errors is the most important function of the thesis editing and proofreading process. For this reason, the thesis editing process must be done in a quiet and focused environment. It would not be an exaggeration to state concentration and focus as the first step of the thesis preparation process. Stay away from all distractions such as mobile gadgets (cell phones, tablets), television, and the Internet.  

3. Edit step by step

It is extremely important not to rush the thesis editing and proofreading services to see all the existing errors. Each time, find a basic spelling or spelling mistake and correct it first, and then focus on finding the next mistake and correcting it. Because it's easier for the brain to focus on a specific issue at a time, so you're less likely to miss any mistakes. If you do too many things at the same time, you risk losing your concentration, which will negatively affect the editing and proofreading process of your thesis.  

4. Get help from a third party to detect overlooked errors and perform a final language check

Once you've completed the text and grammar proofreading of your English thesis, it's always good to have someone else read it for you. A new set of eyes will certainly make the outcome of your editing and proofreading efforts more effective and will ensure that your thesis is of higher quality and accuracy than before.

5. Check your defense or thesis at least a few times before publication

While writing a thesis on a computer or any electronic medium or making the necessary corrections, students often cannot see their own mistakes because our brain mechanically corrects the wrong words in our minds or cannot perceive them due to what we call computer or screen blindness. To overcome this problem, after making all the corrections in your thesis, making the necessary changes and reading it again and carefully a few more times will allow you to easily see possible English grammar or other language and spelling errors that have been ignored. You must make at least one of these reviews on printed material. In this way, you will have the opportunity to detect the errors you missed on the screen more easily.

6. Be sure to request revisions with the Word Track Changes method!

When you decide to get editing or proofreading support for your English text, remember that you must receive all revisions and comments with the track changes management. Microsoft Word Track Changes is a very handy feature that allows step-by-step tracking of all corrections, changes, formatting, and even suggestions and comments made on a text by an editor or proofreader, and then accepting or rejecting them individually or all at once. is a tool. 

The track Changes method is an indispensable tool for English editing and proofreading services. An editor or proofreader runs the thesis editing process so that all changes can be tracked. Thus, you have the opportunity to examine the details of all the changes made in your thesis and to accept the ones you wish and reject the ones you do not deem appropriate. This will allow you to see all the mistakes you have made in the text and will help you to produce studies of high academic quality by making use of these changes and suggestions in your future studies and essay writing.


You can review the guides in the links below, which show step by step with screenshots and examples the basic issues such as how to use the Microsoft Office Track Changes Function, how to accept or reject these changes and suggestions, or how to delete comments:

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