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On the other hand, if your stomach tells you that you are not hungry, i.e., that you don't need any food at the instant, however you continue to eat out of politeness or curiosity, the digestive system won't be in a position to process the food properly. This is another reason for indigestion.

This condition is known as constipation. Or, damaging bacteria begin to interrupt down some of the waste, resulting in toxic gases and alternative noxious substances. This might cause blood poisoning and different disturbances within the digestive system.

When your body feels tired and sleepy you've got the natural urge to lie down and sleep. But, a cup of coffee or a cigarette can offer you with enough adrenaline to keep you awake. If you ignore the body's sleep signals as a matter of routine, the over-secretion of adrenaline and different stress hormones might finish up creating you hyperactive, and unable to relax or sleep properly.

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