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Can you present all the information in the assignment perfectly? Most Uk students would answer NO. It is because they lack critical thinking. To present information clearly and rationally critical thinking matters a lot. Often, students seek assignment help Nottingham service, because they can’t write critically. But you will not have to worry, as this write-up makes you aware of a helpful method. It is SQ3R. Know about it in the below section. 


What Is SQ3R Method? 

This method is widely used for reading, notes making, and improving critical thinking. The full form of the SQ3R is a survey, question, read, recite, and review. Read below to know how you can improve critical thinking using this method.


Survey: When you visit a new place, then you observe many things. It leads to a rise of many questions in mind. Same thing you have to do to improve critical thinking. When you research, then observe the information properly. Then analyse it to find the vital points.


Question: What is the meaning of this word, why the event took place, what drove the people to join a group? Several questions come to your mind when you research. Don’t stop these questions, just be curious about the things. Ask as many questions as you can.


Read: You have an assignment to write, then while researching keep the theme in the mind. It will help you focus on the things related to it. Once you have read something, then you must read it with a purpose. 


Recite: This is as helpful for college students as for school students. When you read and understand how the information related to your assignment theme, recite it and make notes. 


Review: Whatever you read, how can you understand it perfectly? Review the information multiple times to master it. Check, whether the information has any flaws or not. By doing so, you can improve critical thinking for writing.


SQ3R method will help you to conduct research properly. You can develop critical thinking with the help of it so, research would be easy for you. If you don’t have time for research, you can seek assignment help Nottingham service from Global Assignment Help. Check out the benefits you get by seeking our writing assistance. Have a look below.


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