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Resume writing can become a challenging task when it comes down to what to include in it and what not to mention in it. Whether you are writing an entry-level resume or a mid-career level resume, there are ethics of writing a resume, and a list of elements which should not be included in a resume.

Your home address is very unnecessary to put on your resume, so ignore it. A career objective or a summary is largely obsolete as it tells what you want from the employer instead of what’s your employer’s need. Remove the soft skills section from your resume. Keep all the font simple, heading, subheading, and paragraphs, stylized fonts or fancy fonts are not readable. Skip the part of high school education, you don’t need to go too far back.  Do not add your photograph on your resume, it is very irrelevant and it potentially leads to discrimination. Make a professional email address and never use an outdated email address.

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