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Membership management software is essential for any company that wants to grow its members or create a community. With the help of advanced software solutions, offline membership groups, clubs, societies, and activities can be easily controlled in the online digital space. A membership management software is a comprehensive solution for centralizing a membership organization's administrative and communication activities. The software provides a digital space where members of the community can communicate with managers and each other, as well as solve all organisational issues. The core objective is to streamline the process by allowing the stakeholders, residents, members and customers to manage the organization effectively.

Ivnet’s membership management solution is designed so as to address the specific needs of the community. At, we offer a complete database management software to to communicate with stakeholders, customers, and employees through a variety of channels and technologies.

You can speed up administrative processes and everyday managerial tasks by using the power of automation provided by membership applications, resulting in increased operational performance and productivity.

Some of the features of membership management software are:

Onboarding is easy.

Levels of membership (privileges and private access ability)

Assign people to their respective membership types.

Dashboard for members

Online payment processing that is integrated

Reminders and auto-renewals

Online database that is safe and secure

Export relevant aggregate statistics and granular analyses, as well as financial data.

Annual invoicing developed by batch

Billing and payment collection are automated on a monthly basis.

The membership management software offers more services to help the members participate in many activities. This will also provide a digital spectrum to drive member participation and grow interest in your community. Effectively manage your company’s projects and tasks with hoa management software. This software will also help to effectively communicate with homeowners, non-owner residents, and board members.

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