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the best screenshot i could get from youtube :,)

-brief overview-

also simply known as the kp universe, it’s basically this universe the characters of itzshxtfacedkiwii, comprised of the main character, kimberly pendleton. there are 100+ characters in this universe in total.

-the creator-

itzshxtfacedkiwii, also known by their past internet aliases (i.e vorelover102, shipfacedwaffles, tipsytomato, etc) or just simply known now as shxtfacedkiwii, is known for their colorful characters and the “tipsy kimberly on new years” debut (released in 2017), as well as their comic series “a crazy vore story” and the sequel “another crazy vore story”. she has a page on instagram, youtube, twitter, and furaffinity.

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