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Immediate Edge reminded of an chance that the Lord gave me to speak at a leading seminary. After Imasked to wish for those that were gift. It had been a reasonably large crowd as we have a tendency to ministered in the Chapel. I can always remember one man who came up for prayer. As I laid my hands on his forehead, I saw in the spirit that he was holding a stack of books with each hands. The books were stacked up concerning fifteen books high. Thus high he may see nothing however the books. As he was peering round the stack of books, I heard in my spirit, "This is a man who loves and has greatly excelled in teachers nevertheless he has found something lacking in his pursuit of knowing the word of God. Pray for him to receive the 'spirit of revelation'." Laying my hands upon him he was immediately slain in the spirit and began to flow in a very larger measure of revelation. Later he was promoted to the head of the bible department of this University. I have great respect for this man and have sought him out on various occasions to assist lay a foundation for a number of the revelations the Lord has granted to me

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