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Immediate Edge App island nation imposed capital controls as a half of its financial policies adopted when the worldwide economic crisis of 2008. Iceland seeks to shield against the outflow of Icelandic currency from the country. Immediate Edge Apptrading is banned in Iceland as the digital currency is not compatible with the country’s Foreign Exchange Act. Contrary to its legal approach, the country as seen a replacement crypto currency called Auroracoin being lauched. Its founders needed to form a viable different to this Icelandic banking system.

The country links the cryptocurrency to criminal activities like money laundering. Vietnam’s government and its state bank do not recognize Immediate Edge Appas a legitimate payment method. The Vietnamese government made it illegal for both financial establishments and voters to deal in Immediate Edge App

The Bolivian government and El Banco Central de Bolivia have banned the utilization of Immediate Edge Appand different cryptocurrencies.

The country’s government and central bank doesn’t recognize Immediate Edge Appand altcoin as a payment method and have declared it illegal

Ecuador has plans to create its own cryptocurrency in the long run however, Immediate Edge Appand other cryptocurrencies are banned in Ecuador by a majority vote within the national assembly.

Countries still don't have specific systems that prohibit, regulate, or ban the digital currency. The decentralized and anonymous nature of Immediate Edge Appchallenges many governments on how to allow legal use whereas preventing criminal transactions. Most countries are still analyzing ways that to properly regulate the digital currency.

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