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The Immediate Edge trading process was examined closely during the performance assessment. This could only be done when initiating a live trading session with the system. Trading was exhausted real-time, it had been confirmed that each one the trading activities that happen on the Immediate Edge platform are tired real-time, which will increase the opportunities that investors have to form a lot of money from the crypto market.

The live trading session we did lasted for eight hours and this gave us enough time to properly evaluate the trading robot using some of the best and advanced tools on the market. The check results were obtained easily as a result of Immediate Edge works with a transparent system that may be simply studied.

Immediate Edge results showed that the trading robot that works on the platform performs transactions at an accuracy level of ninety eightp.c. This could be presented as an explanation why so many crypto traders are making a heap of money from the market, once trading with Immediate Edge . The trading robot worked flawlessly during the session and it's reliable.

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