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Immediate Edge tend to created a deposit to begin using the live trading robot. We tend to did this by employing a Visa debit card, when authorising the deposit payment, the method was completed in an exceedingly few seconds.

Live trading

We have a tendency to used the live trading system, and it had been fantastic. All we have a tendency to had to try to to was click on the button, and therefore the live trading session started. We have a tendency to were happy concerning the trading system as a result of we have a tendency to only needed to activate the trading robot and sit back to review how the system works.Immediate Edge Award Winner

Who can use BinBot Pro?

The trading system is so straightforward; everyone can make money with BinBot Pro. We failed to find any problems or glitches while testing the trading system.

There is a customer care service that works 24/7; we think this is vital as a result of new users will get help in real-time if they have any issues while creating their Immediate Edge account.

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