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What is Curriculum Vitae?

The full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae in Latin it means course of life. This is the document used to highlight the academic life of a person. It outshines all your achievements in your academic life. It all includes experiences, publications, and reports in the CV

How to write a CV for your job application?

Your CV is a first chance to impress the employer. This allows you to get a call for the interview. But, if you have not written it properly then you can miss your golden chance of a job offer. 

What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

  • However, no formal difference can be found in a resume and a CV. People often use one and another as an alternative. 

  • A resume is a page summary of your job experience and the background you are applying into. 

  • However, a CV is a brief about your academic life. A resume is shorter as comparison to a CV. 

  • A resume is made for job searching in all industries while a CV is used to search for jobs and admissions in academic areas. A resume is customized to every job you are applying for while a CV is a comprehensive overview. 

How to write a good CV?

There are many ways to write a good CV. Some ways are mentioned below.

The format should be updated 

Though you can’t select a perfect format, it varies and is dynamic in changing. However, some points are must in a CV like- 

Compulsory section- 

  • Contact details

  • Objective or Summary of CV 

  • Your skills 

  • Education 

  • Work experience

Optional details 

  • Languages known 

  • Achievement and certificates 

  • Volunteer experience if any 

  • The project you did on your own 

The layout of the CV should be accurate 

The first thing that any recruiter notices on your CV is not the details but the design or the layout of it. 

Are you wondering what kind of layout I am talking about? 

It includes- 

  • Is everything organized?

  • Is everything understandable at a glance?

  • Are the colors, fonts, and designing formal/professional and consistent?

To keep your layout proper and attractive, here are some tips for that- 

  • Keep it short and precise- 

Instead of telling stories in your CV, add only necessary details and keep that also precise and concise. Go for one page only if you don’t have much experience. If you have many accomplishments don’t extend your resume by more than 2 pages. 

  • Clear headings -

Adding too many fonts, colors, or designs to impress the employer will be of no use. Keep it a consistent manner so that your organization and consistent use of fonts, colors, and designs can attract the recruiter. Keep it formal and professional. For eg, you can use- Open Sans, Times New Roman, and Roboto, etc.

  • Keep it crystal clear- 

Adding details is important but keeping it confusingly can make your CV get rejected. The language used should be clear but if the font size is too big or small both can be a demerit. Keep your font moderate (13-16pt for headings/titles and 11-13pt for normal text). 

  • Blank spaces- 

Having no space in your resume can also be a bad thing. You should leave proper white spaces and margins between the texts and the headings. This will help for better understanding and quick reading. All this can help to impress the recruiter. 

How to mention contact details in your CV

If everything is perfect but you gave false or wrong contact details then it will be of no use. So you should properly simply add your contact details. It includes- 

  • Name and last name 

  • Phone details 

  • E-mail id- It should be formal don’t add anything like superstar.23@gmail.com instead make a new id if you have an informal id like (NAME+LAST NAME)@GMAIL.COM 

  • Title- It includes your professional title, for the job you are applying for. 

  • Location- if you don’t want to add your address then add your area where you live in or will live. 

How to write your objective of the CV

Your summary is the last chance which can change the whole opinion about you. 

Things an ideal objective should include are- 

  • Your work experience along with years 

  • Vital achievements, experiences, and responsibilities taken 

  • Your goal in life is especially related to the job you are applying for.


You can also add your social media ids if they are professional like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Medium, or any other. You can also add how you are made for this job like the qualities you possess. It includes; hard-working, punctual, and ready to work on which you are lacking, etc.

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