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So, you are considering switching to a standing desk but aren't sure whether it is worth the investment, even though it produces a healthy lifestyle. As it happens, standing desks are expensive, and even the ones with low-quality materials still will cost a few hundred pounds. Although you find affordable options, the number of features and models in the market can make you feel confused. So, to make your decision easier, you need to keep these things in mind when searching for a height adjustable standing desk


As standing desks are an excellent investment for your long-term health and wellness, we're placing 'budget' with the least importance. Quality height adjustable standing desk costs between £200 to £3000, depending on the brand and additional features. If you're tight on cash and none of these fits your budget, consider a retrofitted standing desk converter.

User Friendly

Some standing desk requires a simple one-off installation while others may need complicated mounting. Alternatively, a retrofitted standing desk that may be collapsed and stowed away is usually excellent for hot desking or space-saving when it's not in use. So, before you buy a home office desk adjustable height, make sure that it is flexible enough for your needs.


Avoid purchasing cheap standing desk substitutes that don't offer a warranty. Warranty for quality standing desks varies greatly. An excellent home office desk adjustable height comes with at least three years of warranty; lower than that may not be worth purchasing.

Weight Capacity

Ensure that the electric height adjustable desk can hold the amount of load you are to put in. If your standing desk is expected to do some heavy lifting, remember to check the maximum weight the standing desk can hold.


Besides its main function, some standing desk offers different features, such as speakers and built-in wireless chargers. More importantly, it is essential to check the height adjustment range of the standing desk to best suit your ergonomic needs.

Noise Level

If you need a standing desk with a minimal noise level, you need to look for an electric height adjustable desk. This type of mechanisms offers the lowest noise level among lifts.


You may not enjoy the full capability of the desk if it takes an excruciatingly long time to move from sitting to standing. Be prepared for a transition time if you decide to go with a sit-stand adjustable desk. It may appear unusual, but standing at work might cause unexpected exhaustion if you're used to sitting all day. The shift will be easier if you gradually increase the length of time you stand, wear supportive shoes, and use a gel mat. That is why you must choose a standing desk with your desired speed level.

Manual vs Electric Movement

Some sit-stand desk models operate using hand cranks, while others use electric or pneumatic lifts that raise and lower at the push of a button. The type of movement you choose will significantly impact the equipment's ease, noise, and speed level.


There are programmable standing desks that effortlessly adjust the height preference according to your desired position.


Does the desk need to work with privacy screens or specialised office equipment? Does the desk require to match your office's theme? If the desk must fit properly into your existing workplace setting, a one-size-fits-all desk may not be the best solution.


When choosing a standing desk, moderations is vital. You don't want to sit all day, but standing all day might be exhausting as well. Make sure your standing desk adjusts comfortably to sitting height so you can switch between the two without adding stress or discomfort to your day. Your computer monitor should be at eye level. Your keyboard and mouse should be approximately elbow height, allowing your arms to rest parallel to the desk as you work. Adding a monitor arm or a separate raiser to your standing desk can help you achieve this ergonomically perfect position.


We've all heard that movement is key to a healthy, happy workday—and we all know how hard it can be to get moving when you're stuck working at a desk all day. An excellent way to boost productivity and overall wellness is to invest in quality standing desks. Adjustable desks allow you to strike your balance between sitting and standing, keeping you awake and productive from 9 to 5. You'll be spending a lot of time at your desk, so why not make it one you enjoy looking at?

A height adjustable standing desk has different types of models, features, and accessories. The specific kind of standing desk will depend on your preferences and budget. That is why you must know what type of standing desk you desire. And with the help of this article, you have now the knowledge when looking for a suitable standing desk.


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