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Students will be divided into 3 groups.

+Group 1 will discuss characters

+Group 2 will discuss setting

+Group 3 will discuss symbolism

Each group will come up with a theme/topic that has to do with their specific subject and how that subject influences the theme (Example: How do the characters actions pertain to the theme of innocence lost?).

Each student will research a different aspect for their specific group.

Group 1: Characters

Group 2: Settings

Group 3: Symbolism

Student 1: Ralph

Student 1: Volcano

Student 1: The Conch Shell

Student 2: Jack

Student 2: The Beach

Student 2: Piggy’s Glasses

Student 3: Simon

Student 3: The Forrest

Student 3: Fire

Student 4: Piggy

Student 4: Castle Rock

Student 4: Spear

Each student in group 1 will research a different character and relate that character to an agreed upon theme. Group 2 will do the same with different aspects of setting. Group 3 will do the same with aspects of symbolism.

Possible ideas for theme:

  • Loss of Innocence

  • Identity

  • Power

  • Religion

  • Wisdom and Knowledge

  • Rules and Order

  • Youth

  • Fear

  • Civilization

  • War

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