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Each member of your group will get their own section to research. After you have finished researching, discuss with your group members and share the data you have found. 

Sun + Solar System 

  1. Define “Solar System” 

  1. Define “Heliocentric”, big word! 

  1. Watch “How the Planets Orbit the Sun” 

  1. Label the Solar System (accurately), and add one fact per planet. 

The Moon and its Phases 

  1. What does the moon orbit? 

  1. Name all the phases of the moon. 

  1. Why do we have different phases of the moon? 

  1. Label the phases of the moon.  

  1. Bonus: What does the Q-moon affect? 


  1. What is a star? 

  1. What is a constellation? 

  1. What are the different constellations? 

  1. What do they represent? 


  1. Is the Earth Tilted? 

  1. What is the tilt? Degree? 

  1. What does the tilt do? 

  1. How does this affect day and night? 

  1. Explain the differences between each season (tilt, revolution, angle of sunlight, etc.). Be sure to define in depth.  

Once you are finished with your research, make a sketch of your research section. Draw and label everything. You will need a piece of construction paper and coloring utensils. Be CREATIVE and show off your artistic skills!!

After you have completed your individual sketch, get a poster board and glue each members sketch onto the poster. Then get ready to tell everyone in class about what answers you guys found!

*Remember to be neat and organized with your project, you will be graded on it.

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