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Spotted gum decking is made from a popular Australian hardwood that grows mostly on the east coast of the country, with the majority of it extracted in New South Wales and Queensland.

Despite the fact that the spotted gum tree's bark is light in colour, ranging from white to grey, the decking manufactured from spotted gum heartwood is often reddish-brown to golden-brown in colour. Spotted gum decking will become grey with time. The wavy grain of spotted gum decking, which gives a distinctive "fiddleback" aesthetic, attracts many homeowners and builders.

Uses of Spotted Gum :

Spotted gum is a reasonably versatile wood that is utilised in a variety of industries:

Engineering and construction

Cabinetry and decking

Shipbuilding and Paper Manufacturing

Framing a house

Let's look at another alternative for your decking needs now that we've looked at spotted gum decking: capped composite decking. Greenhill Timber composite decking melbourne follows strict and uniform quality criteria. Composite decks are made of wood and plastic composite, requiring little maintenance and providing excellent stability.

Composite decking is stain-resistant, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and termite-resistant due to a carefully formulated mixture of components. Many householders are drawn to natural hardwoods like spotted gum for their warmth and beauty, but composite decking offers hardwood a run for its money.

Compared to hardwood decking, capped composite decking requires significantly less maintenance. There's no need to stain, seal, or worry about mould appearing at any moment. Cleaning is simple and simply requires soap and water. The antimicrobial surface will endure the whole life of the decking, which is built to withstand a range of weather situations.

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