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Students of marketing often have to write a case study on employee motivation. Writing a detailed and well-researched case study can be time-consuming for a student.

 A Google survey shows about 75% of the marketing students search for employee motivation case study with solution pdf files on the internet. Most of the times, they have no clue regarding how to draft the case study.

Let us discuss some crucial elements to incorporate in an Employee Motivation Case Study that will make it stand apart from the others:


· Abstract: A motivational case study must include an abstract. The abstract should summarise the overall purpose of the study, the design of the study, the research problems you have investigated, and the significant findings.


Example: “Employees may feel motivated to work when they receive a sense of achievement, work satisfaction, recognition, promotion opportunities, responsibilities and the chance for personal growth. The study is conducted to analyse the existing employee engagement and motivation programs for middle and junior level employees adopted in XYZ Company”.



· Introduction: The introduction of a case study Assignment on employee motivation should identify the key issues and the major problems presented in the paper. Present the background of the study. Formulate a strong thesis statement that summarises the outcome of the analysis in 1-2 sentences.


Example: “What motivates the employees to provide excellent service? An employee needs encouragement to put his best towards the profit of the organisation. The paper deals with the purpose of the study which is to find out how far the motivation techniques are beneficial to the employees both professionally and personally.”


· Objectives and Basic Assumptions: If you are working on a motivating employees case study, make sure that it includes the objectives and the assumptions made during the investigation. It should give your readers an idea of the primary points and arguments.




§ To conduct an in-depth study of employee engagement and motivation in the hardware division of XYZ Company.

§ To analyse existing employee management programs.


Basic assumptions:

Motivation and encouragement can have a significant impact on the performance of employees.


These vital elements make a remarkable case study on employee motivation. Incorporate these sections, take reference from the examples and draft an exceptional case study this semester.

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