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Colored gemstones have become immensely popular in this world thanks to its vibrant hues and magical charm.  Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious gemstones have grabbed many eyeballs for centuries. When it comes to creating fine pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings, pendants and other pieces, rubies comes first as it is not only a sparkling red color gemstone but also majestic in many ways. The rarity, beauty, and durability features of this stone make it a prized gemstone. But this lovely gemstone is available at a high price. Though the price is on the higher side but it is quite popular among rich people and they love to wear it as engagement ring and wedding ring.

Ruby has always been a traditional choice for making wedding jewelry pieces like genuine ruby engagement rings, ruby wedding rings, ruby pendants and other pieces. Like sapphires, rubies are considered as extremely strong and durable stones. This stunning gemstone ranks just behind diamond on the Mohs scale. Loose rubies contain no cleavage, so it will hardly chip, crack or break. They are also quite resistant to high temperatures. If you are looking to buy engagement rings for your big day, you should buy rose gold ruby engagement rings, genuine ruby engagement rings and other pieces from a reputed online jewelry store.

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