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Nowadays it is essential that any company has its presence in the digital world, however, more than communication channels with customers, companies want to sell using these channels. So if you want to know how to combine digital marketing and online sales, this article is for you!

Companies no longer want to bet only on traditional media where the ad appears to anyone who watches a certain program. The buzzword is marketing segmentation.

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Through Digital Marketing it is possible to direct your ads to customers interested in your product, a type of control that is very limited with traditional media.

The digital marketing corresponds to all forms of business communication using the internet, all the ways to promote, strengthen, promote and sell their products. These actions are also fundamental in an online sales strategy.

Sales Funnel: how to organize digital marketing and online sales actions

To understand how to align Digital Marketing and Online Sales it is necessary to keep in mind the concept of Sales Funnel.

It should be your guide when creating sales strategies, understanding each customer's buying moments and knowing how to educate your audience

The sales funnel is a visual representation of the buying and selling process. It presents all the steps that must be considered by the sales team and can be analyzed along with the customers' purchasing process. 

The goal of a marketing team should be to move the user through the steps of the funnel, from entry to conversion into a customer. 

Check out what a sales funnel looks like below and which digital marketing actions fit best in each of these steps. Source: Interest

In general, each step of the sales funnel can be better handled by executing your own list of digital marketing activities. 

Today, sales strategies are related to the relationship you establish with users at each stage of the sales funnel. Therefore, to generate sales online, it is essential to use the right digital marketing strategies to:

  • attraction,

  • conversion,

  • nutrition,

  • sale,

  • Enchantment.

Shopping funnel: understanding the customer

If the sales funnel shows the process your company must follow to make a sale, the purchase funnel shows the path the user takes to make a purchase. 

The sales funnel helps you to define the actions you will perform in each phase and in which channels, the purchase funnel helps you to understand what the user is looking for at each stage and, consequently, helps you to define what your strategy must offer to serve you. 

To get the best out of digital marketing and online sales, consider the demands of your potential customers at each of these steps. This way, it is easier to produce content (or an offer) that serves the customer, exactly at the stage they are in, in the process.

Top of the funnel

At the top of the funnel we have a user who is still trying to better understand the problem he is facing, or who doesn't even know he has a problem. 

He feels that something is missing, for example, that the team's productivity is below what he expected. But he doesn't know why this is happening or how to change this scenario. 

Therefore, to reach a user who is in the “Learning and Discovery” stage, your strategy may be to produce content that shows the user the possible causes of the problem. For this, use blog and social networks to attract this user. 

Middle of the funnel 

After the user understands the problem, he will go to ways to solve it, initially trying not to spend anything if possible. 

It's the middle funnel stage, where you start to offer better content, answering questions and contributing to solutions.

At this stage, an interesting strategy is to offer rich and free content in exchange for the user's contacts. That way you turn him into a lead and can relate more closely. 

In this phase of the digital marketing and online sales strategy use:

  • landing pages ,

  • attractive CTA,

  • Forms.

Also nurture these leads and establish a trusting relationship. Email marketing is a great ally in a digital marketing and online sales strategy. 

And finally, the bottom of the funnel will be the moment of sale, because that's where your customer is making the purchase decision. He knows he has a problem, he knows the possible solutions, he chose one of them, but he's still going to decide which company he's going to hire him from. 

After all this walking together, the lead already feels close to your company and trusts it. When you see the best cost-benefit and quality service in your solution, this will generate more value and your company is more likely to be remembered for it.

We know that it's not easy to align digital marketing and online sales, but with some tools and the support of technology, everything becomes easier. For example, you can rely on marketing automation software to do most of the work.  

Why Online Sales Needs to Go Together with Marketing 

Digital marketing and online sales are linked. One will provide visibility and attract the right customers for the other to make the actual sale. Therefore, the strategy of both must be created in partnership.

marketing automation tool will help make this alignment and execution work more effective. 

lahar is a marketing automation software that helps your company to perform actions such as: 

  • create landing pages (without the need for a programmer or developer),

  • create and send email marketing,

  • create automated nutrition flows,

  • identify and segment contacts,

  • perform A/B tests,

  • Qualify leads and more.

All of this is done automatically, increasing your team's productivity and allowing them to focus on the strategic part of marketing. 




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