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Greshun De Bouse™ is a supernaturally persuasive and influential icon who founded the much-celebrated national advocacy holiday, National Making The First Move Day®, food-health awareness National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day™, and fundraising-awareness holiday, Disabled Veterans Day™ respectively.

National Making The First Move Day® April 7 Annually

As seen in Chase's Calendar of Events nationwide, National Making The First Move Day® is an all-inclusive national advocacy holiday celebrated annually on April 7 for kids, families, and persons of all ages, demographics and backgrounds to reclaim their personal power and "START MAKING THE FIRST MOVE TOWARDS BULLYING PREVENTION AND RECOVERY IN ALL FORMS™." National Making The First Move Day®, whose official hashtag is #mtfmoveday, is receiving recognition from celebrities and multiple mayors, and Greshun De Bouse has made history as the FIRST resident of her city in 25 years or likely EVER to found a national advocacy holiday seen in Chase's Calendar according to verified records. #mtfmoveday

National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day™ June 3 Annually

As seen on What National Day Is It, Event Guide, Dining Guide, and more, National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day™ is a national food-health

awareness holiday celebrated annually on June 3

for promoting history, education and

scholarly knowledge, and awareness of healthy stuffed shrimp eating on heart-

cholesterol health for kids, families, and all!




As seen on WTVM News 9, Google News, Event Guide, proclaimed by numerous mayors nationwide, and celebrated annually on June 30, Disabled Veterans Day™ or DVDay™ raises awareness and funding specifically for disabled veteran heroes, their and their families' unique set of challenges, and ensures All their service-related disability needs are met with timeliness in a low-resistant process. The holiday has received proclamations from multiple mayors, the first of whom is Mayor Skip Henderson of Columbus, Georgia-home of Fort Benning, one of the top five largest military bases in the world.




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