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Greshun is the first given name of the extraordinary global leader and phenomenon, Greshun De Bouse.

Her first name is so unique and globally popular, it is a free-standing name of power, fortitude, perseverance, leadership, poise, beauty, and everything good. Greshun has done extraordinary things in this world, such as successfully founding three national holidays, all for which she has received numerous proclamations from mayors all over the world and all featured in one or more of the following: Chase's Calendar, Days of the Year Calendar,, Event Guide/Dining Guide, tourist bureau websites, and more.

Greshun has been recognized by notable Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans for her commitment to combatting injustice. In March of 2019, the legendary Bern Nadette Stanis aka Thelma From Good Times publicly praised Greshun's good work in Louisiana on Facebook, and encouraged all to support her. Greshun is seen and heard in magazines, television, and radio repeatedly for her extraordinary global work! She is a proud military granddaughter, 2019 reigning queen, and a double PGK (preacher's grandkid) with an evangelist mother and father.

Greshun has worked tirelessly to reduce the crime and bullying rates in Louisiana and globally respectively. She streamlined the process for disabled veterans in all 50 states to connect with their local Veterans Affairs Office. She has hosted free back-to-school giveaways during which she distributed free kid's meals to any child who attended the giveaway event to help remove some of the financial food costs while trying to meet kid's back-to-school needs.

She advocates and works to institute programs for the disabled, abused, bullied, and disenfranchised. She hosts free events for kids and families in the community because she refuses for any child to be “left out” due to lack of finances. So many more amazing things may be said about Greshun De Bouse. The name, Greshun, holds so much power, no last name us needed. #greshun

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