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GarageBand has set milestones on Mac and iOS. Logically, there is a call for a GarageBand for Windows. Since the Mac software is not running there, we looked for alternatives.

GarageBand is free on Mac, iPad or iPhone. This makes it hard to find a real GarageBand alternative for Windows. Unfortunately, the free programs there are not as efficient for a long time and the powerful programs sometimes cost quite money. So in order to be able to present the right one here, one might have to take the model apart once, in order to be able to pick out the parts that you really need or want.

GarageBand for Windows: Free Alternatives

In the original, GarageBand is among other things what the name suggests: an almost complete band. An extensive collection of loops and instruments can be mixed with own work. A complete mixing studio then ensures that you can perfect your works and spread the result. A great thing for the ambitious musician with computer skills. And a problem for any manufacturer who is not called Apple and wants to offer something similar.

Good loops cost money. So if you want to release a freeware as a kind of GarageBand for Windows, you basically have to be able to play a lot of good loops yourself. And he must call the altruism of a saint his own. But GarageBand is not just a collection of loops. If you are primarily concerned with editing and playing your own recordings, if you want to cut and edit your sounds, you can use the excellent open source freeware Audacity under Windows.

Even in the raw version, the extensive program is very suitable for recording audio sources and then editing them. Of course, you can also load and cut ready-made sounds. Various plugins allow us to upgrade the program with effects or im- and export functions. At least in this respect we already have a kind of GarageBand for Windows - just without foreign loops and additional instruments.

Commercial GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

Of course, there is software in the commercial sector that comes close to a GarageBand for Windows. Cubase, for example, is often mentioned, but in version 7.5 it costs around 600 euros. There is really everything here and for this reason the software is also used by professional musicians.

If you want it a little cheaper, you will also find it quite well. The Magix Music Maker costs around 100 euros and already offers a lot for it. The many loops of different styles can be combined, mixed and cut with your own recordings. Virtual instruments expand their own sound pool and, together with the countless effects, provide great and above all fast results. If you know them from mac, you won't miss the GarageBand on Windows so much if you can use this program. By the way, you can get the premium version including a full-fledged USB MIDI keyboard for around 60 euros more.

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