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1.) Now that we have you divided into groups, each group will begin by watching a video from their specific section. Afterwards you will decide amongst the members of your group who will be in charge of what within your section.

Group 1: Triangles Video Click Here!

  1. Right Triangles

2. Acute Triangles

3. Obtuse Triangles

4. Isosceles Triangles

5. Equilateral Triangles

Group 2: Polygons Video Click Here!

1. Rectangles

2. Squares

3. Pentagons

4. Hexagons

5. Octagons

Group 3: Circles Video Click Here!

1. Circumference

2. Diameter

3. Radius

4. Arc

5. Area of a Circle

2.) Afterwards gather with the members of your group and discuss what you learned. You will then discuss amongst your group how you all want to present what their topic to the class. It could be a Power Point, Prezi, Poster board, etc. This part will be left up to your preference.

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