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Leading Learners is a registered non-profit organization created for promoting student's well-being, and ensuring that they have all the tools they need during their schooling years. Leading Learners offers accessible resources to people of all ages and backgrounds with a special focus on youth and high school students.

The non-profit organization offers a wide range of services to meet every type of students’ needs. Leading Learners has four main pillars: Finding Passion, Providing experience, Continuous Learning and Student Support. Leading Learners offers a broad variety of services to match the needs of each student form.

Leading Learners is committed to resolving the crisis of isolation, alienation, helplessness and boredom that many students across the globe frequently face, resulting from a number of factors such as lack of family or friends, physical or cognitive abilities and community participation. They promote full youth and student participation by promoting opportunities to cultivate self-worth, creative expression, group cooperation and a renewed sense of aliveness.

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