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Best Diet plan 4-step to lose belly fat within 1 month is one of the most stubborn areas of your body. It’s difficult to lose fat from this body part. Fat in belly is caused mainly due to inactivity; but once formed, you have to work hard to get rid of it. Of course, as the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’, but now since that line has been crossed.

one has to find ways to lose that Best Diet plan 4-step to lose belly fat within 1 month. But before that, you must reduce fat from the other parts of your body; this is the way to begin.

Other than this, there are other challenges too, when you try to lose belly fat for fitness. The other thing is; diet goes hand in hand with any form of exercise. So, if you go on a diet and start with cardio for losing Best Diet plan 4-step to lose belly fat within 1 month; you might do it in the morning, but feel the fatigue throughout the day and sit on the couch most of the time, through the day. Now, this too wouldn’t help you to reach your goal. Start with this 4-step cardio plan, with a balanced diet.

A crash diet is never a good idea; where you follow it for some days and then start binging again. This is a slow progressing cardio fitness regime, along with a balanced diet; it may take time, but would be ideal for a long-lasting effect.

Baseline Cardio

The idea of a baseline cardio is; to get started on a slow and regular cardio routine. Start incline walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes initially, in the mornings or evenings or before or after your weights exercise. The benefit of this is that; you’ll be able to recover soon and not be tired the whole day, also the risk of injury is minimal. The shoes you wear is also important; it should be something you are comfortable in and able to do the walk consistently. Start on low intensity cardio exercises, like cycling, every day, after the 10 minutes incline walk, at least for a week. It won’t be much, we know it and there won’t be any significant weight loss, but this is to get a grip over regular cardio exercises.

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