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One thing that makes your front door look more inviting is the addition of front door numbers. This can help in drawing the eye and also act as a deterrent against burglars. These numbers will usually be found on your doorknob, but there are other options where it could also be a good idea to place these as well. Here, you will discover all the various sorts of front door numbers and lettering in circulation, including what they are made from and the range of home front numbers available.


The most common type of front door numbers you will come across is, of course the ones that are fixed onto the doorknob itself. You can choose from plastic, aluminum, brass, and even wood styles. However, some manufacturers have started to create magnetic Front Door Numbers, which are especially popular with people who want to display them on more doors. However, the magnetic variety is often only available on wooden doors and not steel. It is essential, therefore, to check with your manufacturer before making the final choice.

Option for Door Numbers to Purchase

Another option for door numbers is to purchase a door lock with a matching number. You can also get matching door lock handles and then mount them onto the door and on the doorknob itself. Some door locks will even come equipped with their mounting system. This is ideal if you want to be able to install a single-piece lock on your front door. However, installing double-piece locks can require professional installation and involve having holes cut into your walls. Therefore, double-door lock systems are much more expensive than single-piece locks, although they are more secure and harder to break.


Front door number plates can be bought separately or as a part of a set. In either case, these numbers need to be large enough to be seen from the front door. Usually, they will also be printed out in letters on a high-quality card. The advantage of buying a set is that all of the numbers can be easily found. However, purchasing the individual numbers may be more convenient if you are buying a door lock separately or have special needs regarding matching letters and numbers.

Customizing Your Front Door Numbers

A more unusual option for customizing your front door is to replace your existing numbers with words or phrases. For example, instead of having just one letter for your front door number, you could replace it with an exclamation mark. Or, you might opt to have a different word or phrase written on each of your front doors. An example might be "loan shark," "firemen," or "doormen." Several companies offer this service, and you can usually choose from a range of styles, such as modern, classical, or contemporary.


You might like to opt for a set of front door cards with a number combination for extra style and function. You could, for example, have your front door number printed on a reverse side. In this way, whenever someone opens your front door, the card will first show the number and then the word or phrase relating to your business. The advantage of this is that not only does your number get noticed, but you may have matching items such as key tags, letter stickers, and mugs.

Using a Different Adhesive Door Numbers

To avoid repetition, consider using a different Adhesive Door Number for each other tenant. For example, your front door could be labeled with "master," "dated," "partner," and "tenant" for your convenience. You could even use different numbers for your tenants individually - if you wish. Again, choose a company that provides this service instead of one that specializes in such a facility.


Another option for customizing your front door is to add a raised character to it. This can be done using a graphic tool and font of your choice. A popular option is to use a stylized version of a favorite character from a book or a character from a block of text you have saved. You then need to insert this into the front door number. If you do not want to change your front door number but still want to add a character to your front door, you could have a door image created (either from an image file or from your computer) and insert this into the front door number.

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