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People who need medical care but are not in any immediate danger can opt for non-emergency transportation services in California. This type of transportation helps Medicare holders to patients who go through transportation barriers to get to their appointments on time. Most people are unaware of Medicare Non-Emergency Transportation Services in California because they think that ambulances are only for emergencies. But some ambulances run particularly for non-emergency purposes where the patient is in no immediate danger.

When Can Non-Emergency Transportation Help?

Non-emergency transportation services are availed when a patient is unable to opt for normal transportation due to his/her health condition.

•To transport bedridden patients

•Transportation of elderly patients to the hospital

•Transportation of patients from the airport to the hospital

•Transportation of patients who are disabled to the hospital

•Patients who have undergone surgery and need to go to a lab for further tests

•Premature babies to are transported to hospital facilities in a neonatal ambulance

If you have any family member who is elderly and needs to go to a hospital, they can avail the transportation services for elderly in California. This transportation helps older adults to visit the hospital without any problems.

The Services Provided By Non-Emergency Transportation

The non-emergency transportation service provides you with the service of:

•Wheelchair transport

•Gurney transport




•Bariatric transport

All the non-emergency transports are equipped with facilities to help patients in distress and to make them as comfortable as possible during their transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for People in Need

The Medicare Non-Emergency Transportation Services in California helps fragile patients who have limited access to normal transportation and who don’t have family or friends to support them. Weak and fragile patients are not the only ones who can avail this option, but people who are otherwise healthy but have been in surgery or have an acute injury due to some not so serious accidents can also take the non-emergency transportation services to get them to the health care centre.

Non-emergency transportation is getting very popular in the area of healthcare. Many people opt for this service to take them to the hospital for their regular checkups.

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