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While facing any kind of medical uneasiness, seeking help should be the first thing that one should do. With a quick and efficient transportation service that can ensure a proper and timely examination of an issue, one can get the diagnosis quickly and start with the best course of action. With non-emergency medical transportation providers in California, you can reach the nearest hospital in no time and seek the medical help that you wanted.

We at Freedom Medical Transportation have been offering our service as non-emergency medical transportation providers since 2010 and are one of the top non-emergency medical transportation companies in California. We assist our customers with medical pickup, doctor’s appointments, skilled nursing facilities and many more. Our transportations are equipped with wheelchair facilities, gurney transport, bariatric needs, oxygen, stair chairs, backboards and many more. Our medical staff is CPR and First-Aid certified along with our ADA approved vehicles; hence, we will take complete care until you reach the hospital.

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