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World of Warcraft also known as wow will be free to play for returning players where they left off in WoW in four easy steps

Everyone will be able to play World of Warcraft up to level 20, but in order to play high level characters, you must pay extra fee to continue playing world of warcraft from your desktop pc

With the latest Shadowlands expansion set to release in just a few weeks time, Blizzard Entertainment are encouraging players to return to the MMO by giving them the opportunity to pick up where they left off for free.

This Free WoW Game Time Cards Code for Returning Players offer is only available for world of warcraft users who have inactive World of Warcraft accounts

Moreover, those players will be given full access to the game as well as all of your created characters.

You can also access all expansions including Battle for Azeroth

Plus, you can play the most recent content and be ready for Shadowlands when it launches later this month.

Additionally, for world of warcraft users who have already experienced Battle for Azeroth and have reached level 50 on at least one character can choose to level subsequent characters in a different expansion using Timewalking Campaigns.

This new feature makes it so content from locations like Northrend or Pandaria scales to a player’s level, so you can play from level 10 all the way to 50 and experience the stories and locations at their original pacing.

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Free WoW Time Card for Returning Players


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