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Viveport’s subscription service is to increase player pool and build a bigger community around The Wizards.

Viveport Subscription has become a significant part of theour revenue and Viveport can’t wait to connect with even more players though Infinity.

Viveport Infinity will be available to VIVE and Oculus Rift owners. For compatible titles, Viveport Infinity will also travel with members to any standalone headset built on VIVE’s WAVE platform.

To redeem Viveport subscription plan, please follow these steps

You can create an HTC account for free.

Try to log in with your account, click the ‘Infinity’ tab under account settings to sign up.

Enter the code and click the submit button

After redeeming your Viveport infinity code, you will find the new content in your Viveport Library.

And, you will find your subscription record in your Infinity page.

You can now try Viveport infinity for free and play hundreds of VR games.

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