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On the basis of free Fortnite Chapter 2 battle pass skins generator, if both players take their own interests (get free battle pass skins in fortnite 2)as the priority, then the most rational choice seems to be "starting first is strong", and the whole fortnite 2 map may become the brainless battle like the public war situation of gta5 ol. But we haven't seen such a situation after all. At least in recent beta tests, most people are very cautious about killing people and passing goods. This involves another mechanism introduced by the fortnite chapter 2.

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As in previous season in fortnite, the combat pass has 100 levels for players to pass. For each level, at least one reward will give the pass a total of more than 100 rewards. You can advance through the competition, and you can gain more experience in the competition, such as finishing and elimination in the first place, or completing the challenge. This season's players can also get progress medals by doing things like eliminating a certain number of players, plundering a certain number of items, or cultivating a certain number of materials.

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