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Did you know that Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world has a music streaming and download platform? I'm sure you don't, well today you are going find out everything you need to know about Amazon music.

Amazon music is one of the most popular music download platforms in the world. It was established in the year 2007 by the same founder of Amazon. A lot of people use Amazon around the world so their next step was to become a giant in the music download and streaming industry.

You can use Amazon music on your tablet, iOS, Android, echo dot and even access it on your pc through their website or apps. You are able to even connect it to your car with the aid of Apple's carplay or Google's android auto.

Is all of these for free? Chill, there's a free membership on Amazon music. Note that if you already subscribed for Amazon prime then you are going to enjoy Amazon music for free with additional features as far as your prime subscription is still active.

However if you intend on using the free membership, you cannot get offline playback for songs on the platform. There are other alternatives to Amazon music like Spotify, Waploaded, SoundCloud, etc in case you are not okay with it.

As for musicians;you can earn some money on Amazon music as the company pays per stream. It is not easy though because you would a lot of streams to earn enough money.

Take note that Amazon music is only available in 46 countries only as at the time of writing this article. If your country is blacklisted, find an alternative..

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