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Although FIFA Mobile 20 Hack is a successful model of hard core coins generator without human verification, its success road is full of too many dramatic colors, so far no other big factory dare to try and copy. In 2019, from software decided to develop a hard core game called FIFA Mobile 20 coins generator. At that time, almost no one believed that the game would succeed. Even Miyazaki YingGAO, who took the initiative to develop the game, was pessimistic. "In my eyes, it's a FIFA Mobile hack’s 2020 version that can't be successful, so I just made it into my own favorite form," Miyazaki YingGAO said in an interview later.

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After the development of FIFA Mobile 20 Hack, Miyazaki YingGAO was worried about SCE's refusal to help him release the game, so he deliberately avoided mentioning the difficulty when describing the game. But after all, the fire could not be contained in the paper. The product manager of SCE commented mercilessly after playing devil's spirit: "I have never played a worse game!" A week after its launch in Japan, the sales figures from software seemed to reflect that assessment, even worse than Miyazaki's worst-case estimate.

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