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Facetime for PC – Download for Windows 10/8.1/7 & MAC

Facetime For Windows PC : Everyone is aware of Skype and you might be knowing about the Skype developed by Microsoft and it is one of the best application for the video calling and everyone is addicted to the Skype, but the thing is the Mac users are aware of Facetime application which comes pre-loaded in Ipad, iPhone, as well as Mac and many users wishing to use this app on their Windows PC and this, is a good platform where you will get to know how to download facetime on PC.

Download and Install Facetime for Windows PC:

To download Facetime, simply click on the link below:


Once you have completed the download Facetime app for your Windows 10/7/8/XP, you can easily call your friends & family for free of cost. It will use the front-facing camera of your Laptop/PC/Desktop with whom you are talking, for example, your friends or relatives and vice- versa. We recommend you to update your PC with the latest version of antivirus because Facetime for PC is not available officially and may harm your PC.

Social activities are growing a way better than our generation where everything is now available anyone can do anything and each and everything is really worthy because it was made with much hard work and it costs every penny. Facetime application was launched in the year 2010 officially by Apple Inc.

Most of the people think that they can use Facetime on iOS devices only, but Facetime application developers had done their work harder and proved that Facetime is a way better than the other applications and everyone had worked a lot for the making of FACETIME On Windows Desktop/ computers.

Best Way to Download Facetime is iOS Emulator which is obvious says, iOS developers. The main problem/disadvantage is that FaceTime and Windows are created by two different manufacturers, where FaceTime is an original program from Apple inc., while Microsoft is well known, is behind Windows.

For numerous months, the two companies are no longer just trying to market the computer opponents- as we all know, but also in the mobile division serious competitors in the Microsoft Windows Phone to catch up with Apple – iOS and Google with Android.

Apple is no longer has an interest in rooting the software offering a competitor by its own product, which has also proven according to a survey among several iPhone 4 buyers than selling point for the smartphone. An official Apple version of FaceTime for Windows does not currently exist. That is why we decided to create our own version – Facetime developers said.

One of the most jaw-dropping advantages of using Facetime on Windows PC is that being a non-IOS user, you still get to use this wonderful app and once you download the app for your PC you can call your friends & family at free of cost. The application is the default video calling app for the iPhone and iPad. This clearly makes a difference for everyone and increases the number of users whoever is using it.

Features of Facetime Application:

Facetime for Laptop is a cross platform-oriented application i.e., from iOS we can do a video call to Windows users as well as android users.

Facetime is easy to connect.

It is a perfect software with a clean and neat built quality.

Facetime is one of the best video calling app which allows windows users to make a video call.

Even Conference call is possible.

If you are having any issues, we are always here to help you 24×7, don’t forget to bookmark our page and comment below in the comment section for more clarifications.

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