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Meet Your New Content Writer & Marketer

What if you could have your own personal content writer?

A content writer that comes without the headache of management.

A content writer that can write tirelessly.

A content writer that can create fluent English, high authority content.

A content writer that can write 100% search engine-friendly content.

A content writer that can write content in seconds for you.

And what if this content writer could ALSO get you traffic automatically - from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, AND Google?

Sounds good?

Introducing Content Gorilla 2.0, a cloud-based app that has just gone live.

With this app, you can create 100% high authority, search engine friendly & human-readable content in literally minutes.

And you can automatically syndicate it to Facebook, Linked In & Twitter.

This app practically replaces your need for writing content or even hiring a content writer. And if you have a content marketing team, you can get rid of them as well.

This is a blogger’s dream come true.

A must-have for anyone with a WordPress website.

Don’t have a WordPress website? You might want to consider it - almost 35% of the internet is powered by it. When you pick up this software you also get access to a course where they cover how to build a WordPress website from scratch over a weekend, without writing a single line of code.

It’s super easy to use. It’s super fast. It’s super useful.

In just 3 clicks it writes & markets high authority, search engine friendly, and 100% human-readable content for you.

It’s almost as if you’re hiring a full-time content writer and marketer to write for you minus all the headache that comes with managing a content writer.

Check out Content Gorilla 2.0 & Grab Your Copy Today.

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