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Epson printers are widely popular for its outstanding user-friendly accessibility and features that you hardly could ever find in any competitors. But there are instances, when users would face Epson error code 0x97 WF-3620 model displays out.

The error 0x97 is actually a warning that indicates there is an internal hardware issue with the printer, including the motherboard malfunction. However, you can fix with the basic techniques if the issue is not due to serious technical aspect.

Fixing Guidelines for Epson Error Code 0X97

·         Before you begin, cancel the entire printing task if any and take out all paper jams from your printer. This step is relatively easy and may work for you depending on the cause of the error.

·         If the above step didn’t help, reset your printer and allow your printer to rest for about five minutes.

·         There could be the reason of a dirty and clogged print head behind the error. If this is, you must clean the print head thoroughly.

·         Lastly, you must update the printer’s drivers or install them from the official website.

Get a Technical Hand from One of Our Experts for Any Issues

If you are still getting the error or need help on the issue of Epson printer not printing anything, get in touch with our executive professional for instant help.

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