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At Garage Doors Repair Littleton. We have a top team with a great deal of industry experience at CO. Consequently, we will know how to accurately inspect, test, maintain and restore your roller garage door. We suggest booking a garage door service every six months, during which our team will do the following:

1: Verify that the door is operating smoothly and that the movement is consistent. The drive chain or another mechanism may need to be adjusted if movement is not smooth.

2: Put the door into manual operation (by pulling the pull cord on the operator), then check that it works easily and will rest in any position. 3: In the case of very rapid door rises or no rest, the spring tension needs to be adjusted.

4: Cleaning and straightening the guides.

5: Inspecting the spring tension to make sure it is working properly and is not distorting or broken.

6: The hubs should be checked and ensured to be in good working order.

7: Key mechanisms, such as the door's hubs and springs, should be oiled.

8: Ensure the entire door is functioning correctly by thoroughly inspecting it from top to bottom.

We are pleased to offer an excellent aftercare service, so please contact us to find out more! We'd love to hear from you.

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