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Do you often forget where you put certain things? If you do, chances are you have been in a situation where you have to drive back to your house because you left the key for the office and vice versa. To avoid wasting your time in the future due to situations like this, you may want to use a keyless keypad door entry. You may also get to enjoy the following benefits.

The convenience of a keyless system

Keypad door entry and exits will free up the need to always have the key on you. No more delving into your pocket or bag trying to find the key in poor lighting or at night time. Simply type in the code and you’re in. More importantly, gone are the days where you have to feel anxious because you are unsure if you locked the door at home or in your office while driving a car. Keypad door entry systems lock automatically once the door is shut.

Time scheduled locks

Control keypad locks to only open at certain times in and around your home or business premises. This function allows you to be safe in the knowledge that you are in control of who and when entry and exits are available. Businesses can utilise an entry door keypad lock to either add to the many restrictions they put in place or replace them together. Homeowners can also have peace of mind that their doors cannot be opened once the household is asleep at night.


With a keypad entry door lock, you don’t have to deal with broken keys in the lock or faulty mechanisms. You also don’t have to wiggle the key or do what seems like rituals that a traditional key makes you. A gentle push of the buttons will allow you to gain entry to your home or business in seconds.

Saves time and money from re-keying

The costs of re-keying mechanical locks will add up. Unfortunately, this is typically noticed once it’s too late. This is especially true for businesses with high employee turnover, such as grocery stores and big-box retailers. The turnover, long operating hours and large physical spaces present unique challenges for employers and security staff. Keeping track of physical keys requires extensive oversight and organisation — both of which take time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. With keyless entry locks, adding or revoking access is simple and instant.

Advanced features

Multilingual voice guidance and other user-friendly features for programming and modern touchscreen technology will allow you to easily manage a high number of individuals without special tools or technical knowledge. This includes customising levels and times of access.


The latest models of an entry door keypad lock come with a battery. This eliminates the cost and hassle of routing the wires to the door, as well as preventing access issues from power failures. Battery-life indicators will ensure you’re never locked out, although some keyless entry doors also come with mechanical locks for added convenience.

Beautiful designs

As keyless entry technology evolves, so does the visual styling. Many electronic door locks available today come in an attractive package made from durable materials that protect against not only unwanted access but weather too. In terms of design standards, the popularity of using touchscreen interfaces of keypad entry door lock has made massive contributions. Their sleek and seamless surface provides a more elegant aesthetic that’s akin to modern devices like smartphones and tablets.

Added security

By using a keypad entry door lock, you get to enjoy additional protections, which standard locks cannot provide. These automatic lock systems remove the potential safety concerns that come with keyed entry. There is a significantly lower possibility of burglars picking or forcing entry with automatic locks.

More control

Switching to keyless locks are a must if you own a business with high turnover. This is also a great idea if you need to constantly lend your keys to house sitters. With smart locks, you have more control over who has access to your property. Automated locks ensure that nobody, aside from those of your choosing, will have the ability to enter your home. There is no longer a need to worry about who still has a set of working keys to your property.


Automatic locks have advanced locking attributes not found in a typical lock and key systems. This lock allows you to set the level of protection that matches your needs. Whether that is cylindrical latches, deadbolts, dead latches or mortises, keyless locks enable the user to choose what is best.

Being busy may not be a good excuse to forget important things but, at times, they are inevitable. Fortunately, technologies like keypad door entry locks exist. Thus, manage the small yet important tasks well by using this technology.

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