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A star in the making

This may be a bit bold….. but maybe not. From The Williams sisters in tennis to Bob Marley’s children, once called the Melody Makers, there are cases of rags to riches that started with vision and hard work. Yes back in the day as some would say a child and their parents chart a course that leads to stardom. So i was thinking, why not me and my daughter Aliszandra!

I will start by saying i do have her in a traditional prep school. I encourage her to do all things little girls do. She sometimes wants to be a doctor or a vet. She sometimes whats to be a business person like her dad. But then there are times she wants to be a music, acting dancing triple threat. With all that in mind i am happy to encourage her to be as diversified as she want to be and who knows… maybe she is a star in the making. As long as she has fun… why not.. she i my star in the making. I think it’s important to never limit my child.

Over the next few months and years i will use this WIKI to tell you what she is up to. In addition i would like to encourage all parents to add ideas and fun part of their child’s journey should they also have a star in the making. As we all know the universe has millions of stars… so why not add your child to the mix of stars in the universe!

My star.. yes.. keeping the pic mysterious till she signs her first deal

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