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Yesterday RBI Governor Shashikant Das authorized banks to deferred home, car, and other loans to EMI for 3 months. Private, governmental banks and non-bank financial services or NBFC’S can take decisions on this suggestion. Home loan financing companies or providers would also be able to give customers convenience. The Banks are responsible for enforcing this note.

When you skip the EMI, you will be fined both the bank from which the EMI is withdrawn, and the bank from which the loan is obtained. The CIBIL score falls dramatically, too. And if you skip the installment, it can be a major hit.

The reserve bank, however, has indicated banks need not cut EMI for three months. Banks have been given the right to make decisions on it. so what would be the impact? The issue must have gone down. Let us see what happens.

The RBI decision will come into effect as of 31 March. It will offer support from this day on for those who go to EMI. There is no penalty if a person has taken out a home loan or personal loan and is not in a condition to pay an EMI for a period of three months. The RBI has insisted on the banks to do so.

What’s supposed to make the impact on CIBIL score?

During these three months, the failure of a single instalment does not affect the CIBIL score; The RBI issues those orders. After the expiry of 3 months the instalment begins again.

When are you expected to pay the instalment?

Only having to make a 3 month instalment does not mean the money is forgotten. So, the bank must redesign your loans. That is, if you’ve got a five-year loan, the loan would go up by three months. Furthermore, if you want to repay the deferred payment, the banks will offer the same alternative.

What is it for holders of credit cards?

A credit card does not reflect a term loan. It is a bill of payment for the customer. He is not included in the RBI notice. If someone made a major purchase and converted the bill to EMI, a new announcement could be made. But the RBI would need to have a different appearance.

Also the lack of deflation in the EMI …

Was a three-month break. EMI was not cancelled. This will extend the term of the loan. This tired EMI would have to pay an extra interest of three months. The load will have to be taken out from pocket, on the one side.

Below are Major announcements by RBI:

  • All banks and other financial institutions or NBFC’S shall be permitted to allow a 3-month suspension on all outstanding loans .This does not affect the borrowers ‘ credit score.

    — Repo rate dropped to 4.4 percent by 75 basis points. Reverse repo rate dropped to 4 % by 90 basis points.

    — Cash reserve ratio (CRR) for banks decreased by 100bps (Basis points) to 3 percent for 1 year, daily CRR balance decreased from 90 % to 80 %, Apply from March 28, 2020. This will support raise Rs 1.37 lakh cr on the market.

    — The financial institutions permitted interest on working capital loans to be postponed by 3 months.

    — Banks which reassess the working capital cycle will not be considered as NPA(Non performing asset or Non performing loan).

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